44 Simple Drawing Concepts for Girls: Sketching Women for Beginners

As a novice artist, you may encounter moments when your mind goes blank. At times, each “masterpiece” may seem repetitive, particularly when working on facial expressions and related drawing concepts for girls.

If you’re seeking additional inspiration for depicting the female form, we have a solution for you. In this article, we’ll present 44 drawing ideas centered around girls. Grab your pencil and enjoy recreating these pieces step by step, propelling yourself toward artistic improvement.

Laughing Girl Painted in Black and White. Drawing Ideas for Girls.

44 Drawing Ideas For Girls [Easy Sketching]

Drawing Ideas For Girls

Within this article, you’ll find 44 drawing ideas featuring girls that can assist you in selecting concepts for your upcoming artwork, especially if you enjoy drawing women. Take a look!

1. Fragmented Visage adorned with Flower Petals

Shattered Face with Flower Petals

Via: hviezdinda

Expressive drawing concepts, such as the shattered face adorned with flower petals, convey themes of hope and a woman’s autonomy of thought. They infuse vibrancy into artistic expression, serving as a wellspring of inspiration for artists and enhancing the flow of their creativity.

For novice artists still exploring their artistic style, this open-minded girl provides a meaningful, beautiful, and enjoyable drawing idea to recreate.

Moreover, there are additional flower drawing ideas you can explore and integrate into your artistic creations.

2. Profile View featuring Wavy Hair

Side Profile with Wavy Hair

Via: Artist Unknown

Novice artists often face challenges when portraying the complete range of facial expressions in a human character. This complexity arises from the need to capture intricate details that ultimately define the woman being depicted.

If you find yourself grappling with this aspect, consider recreating a side profile for an anime or stylized girl drawing. Place emphasis on showcasing voluminous hair, wavy lashes, a defined nose, and a gracefully curved jaw.

Pro Tip

Explore other drawing ideas designed for beginners to enhance your technique.

3. Contemplative Girl with a Low Bun

Dreamy Girl with a Low Bun

Via: pcyloveclub

Daydreaming is a common activity for artists, so why not incorporate it into your enjoyable drawing concept by portraying a girl lost in thought?

To achieve this, sketch a girl in a realistic style, gazing upward with her hair elegantly tied in a low bun. Pay special attention to accentuating her collarbones, as it contributes to the overall dreamy effect.

4. Visionary Depiction of Eye, Nose, and Lips

Eye, Nose, and Lips

Via: Jagoda Milej

This drawing idea, inspired by anime and comics, holds deeper significance beyond the mere depiction of eye, nose, and lips. The image radiates strength and sophistication, evident in the strategic positioning of facial features, characterized by an upward-facing orientation.

Breathing life into this girl drawing concept doesn’t demand mastery as a top-tier artist or anime cartoonist. What’s crucial is ensuring proportionality in the contour lines of the eye, nose, and lips.

5. Depicting Facial Expressions

Via: Artist Unknown

As an artist, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the emotions you aim to convey so that you can accurately reflect them in your drawing concept, effectively communicating with your audience through your lines alone.

To evoke a sense of tranquility, consider the side profile with wavy hair anime girl drawing mentioned earlier.

However, if you intend to convey intense emotions like rage or chaos, the most effective drawing idea involves creating a full front-faced drawing. Focus on emphasizing glaring eyes (by darkening their edges) and an open mouth, reminiscent of a shouting expression.

6. Cute Anime Girl

Cute Anime Girl

Via: Nurul Islam

For artists with a keen interest in creating enjoyable anime comics, drawing a cute anime girl serves as an ideal beginning for your artistic endeavors.

The key to transforming your ordinary girl drawing into an appealing anime girl lies in accentuating points, lines, and edges, subtly exaggerating features to capture the essence of the anime style.


Furthermore, to enhance the relatability of the character, consider outfitting her in comfortable clothing items such as a sweater or hoodie.

7. Confident Female Leader with Sleek Hairstyle

Girl Boss with Slicked Hair

Via: Artist Unknown

As an artist, you have the opportunity to infuse your artwork with style, enjoyment, and authority, much like this anime (or semi-realistic) girl boss confidently pursuing her own path!

Ensure that your girl drawing faces forward, chin lifted, with well-proportioned eyebrows, and always make effective use of your lines and shadows/highlights.

8. Immersed in Tea

Via: Tiffany Griffin

Elevate your symbolic girl drawing by introducing glasses and flowers, transforming your non-realistic/simplified anime girl into a tea bag.

This anime girl drawing idea resonates with a blend of melancholy and growth, offering valuable themes for cultivating your emerging artist career and honing your drawing skills.

9. Anime Girl with Short Hair

Short Hair Anime Girl

Via: Cameron Mark

Cameron Mark captures the essence of enjoyable drawing with this charming anime/Disney-style girl featuring intricate facial expressions.

Despite the apparent complexity of this anime girl’s appearance, it is beginner-friendly. You don’t need to invest extensive effort in detailing both her eyes and teeth, making it an accessible choice.

10. Heart Gesture with Fingers

Finger Heart

Via: Tiffany Griffin

In the realm of Japanese anime girl drawings (and even anime boys!), the finger heart has become an essential drawing idea, symbolizing love, harmony, and adorable cuteness.

This Korean-inspired love sign is simple to execute and can be seamlessly incorporated with the short-hair anime girl drawing idea we discussed earlier.

11. Exquisite Gaze

Eyes on Fleek

Via: Mila d Luna

This compilation of enjoyable drawing ideas includes edgy anime girls, offering an opportunity to experiment with enlarging the eyes and refining the nose and lower lip. Additionally, practicing this anime/cartoon girl concept allows you to hone your skills in drawing short hair elegantly tucked on one side of the ear.

12. Floral Entities

Flower Heads

Via: dipok k12

An additional symbolic drawing idea featured in this list showcases a captivating illustration of human figures with flower heads embracing each other. This anime drawing is relatively beginner-friendly, requiring less focus on intricate facial details and more on creating an eye-catching flower design as a substitute.

13. Contrasting Emotions

Emotional Dissonance

Via: Shereen Stone

At times, the emotions we experience internally differ from what we project externally due to conformity or fear of revealing our true selves.

To translate this idea into a tangible drawing, depict two distinct facial expressions that overlap. The key to creating this captivating drawing is understanding where to connect the two realistic (or anime) faces. Start by rendering the first drawing with ample space, featuring a broad chin and a long neck. Then, position the second image between these spaces.

14. Captivating Realistic Portrait

Beautiful Realistic Girl

Via: Estephen

Create an effortless girl drawing with this realistic portrayal featuring hopeful eyes, a defined nose, partially parted lips, and gentle strands of hair framing the exquisite facial structure.

For those not yet comfortable with a more realistic approach, you can opt for a style inspired by anime, ensuring a delightful and attention-grabbing result.

15. Anime Girl with Side-Parted Hair

Anime Girl with Side-Parted Hair

Via: Caroline Nyman

Ideal for moms assisting young students with their school projects, this anime girl drawing is perfect for recreation.

Highlight the side-parted hair in this detailed yet uncomplicated anime girl drawing, adding a youthful touch to the overall composition.

16. Luxurious Lip Rendering

Via: Tanya

When exploring various techniques for drawing girls, be sure to incorporate this art piece featuring sumptuous upper and lower lips.

Achieving lush lip effects in your drawing involves practicing shading styles, which play a crucial role in accentuating specific features.

17. Ororo Munroe Eyes

Ororo Munroe Eyes

Via: Avery Clark

For anime artists or Marvel enthusiasts, this Marvel-inspired girl drawing idea provides an opportunity to flex your creative skills.

Emulate Ororo Munroe, also known as Storm, by depicting her eyes without pupils and irises while emphasizing detailed depictions of lips and eyebrows for a more intricate result.

18. Expressive Eyes and Arching Brows

Big Eyes and Arched Brows

Via: Cameron Mark

Distinguishing between an anime girl drawing and a realistic one often hinges on key elements such as eye size, brow shapes, and overall facial expression, bridging the gap from comics to anime to video games.

In this specific girl drawing, precision is crucial in determining the placement of arched brows, perfectly aligning them with the eyes.

Ensure that the eyes you render are sufficiently large, enhancing their appeal, cuteness, and expressiveness.

19. Anime Girl with Sleeked Hair

Anime Girl with Slicked Hair

Via: Cameron Mark

Another drawing idea by Cameron Mark in this collection features an anime girl with sizable eyes, an angled chin, and sleeked-back hair.

This serves as an excellent reference for the girl boss category, with a focus on mastering the technique for drawing the hair, while other details can be drawn following patterns seen in other Cameron illustrations.

20. Melancholic Girl

Sad Girl

Via: Karl Louise

While happy girl drawing ideas abound, there’s also room for somber references, like this one.


To excel in portraying this sad girl, remember not to extend the eyeliner part, creating space for a downcast facial expression. Additionally, sketch the upper lip downward to enhance the depiction of sadness.

21. Determined Girl with Freckles

Fierce Girl with Freckles

Via: helios moon

References for strong and determined girl drawings are diverse, each possessing unique aspects that set them apart.

In this fierce girl drawing, a distinctive feature that elevates her appearance is the presence of freckles. When recreating this, it’s crucial to accurately place the freckles, preferably near the tip of the nose, upper lip, upper brow, and lower eye area.

22. Revealing the Butterflies Within

Via: Mike Koubou

The inner realm of a person carries greater significance than external appearances, as it craves creativity, love, and at times, a touch of madness in this chaotic world.

Recreate the above image to capture this essence in a drawing. When undertaking this project, the key focus should be on detailing each butterfly. The manner in which you depict the butterfly drawings and their placement holds more weight, as rendering the girl closing her eyes might be a simple task for you.

23. Girl with Symmetry

Via: Artwoonz

Harness the power of symmetry in your girl drawing by transforming initial guidelines into stylized features.

Retain the guidelines you initially sketch before the actual pencil work, as these lines can be shaded to accentuate features, adding an eye-catching dimension to your drawing.

24. Anime Girl with Cat

Via: Chelsea Elyse Kepheart

Drawing an anime girl becomes even more charming with the addition of cute details, as seen in this particular girl drawing featuring a feline friend.

To achieve this, depict an anime girl gazing upward while a cat peeks out from her hat. Play with shading techniques to make the drawing pop. The hat can vary in style and shape (even a hoodie is an option), but a round hat for the cat to perch on works best.

25. Blue-Hued Anime Girl

Via: Myrwenna

Move beyond conventional pencil sketches and elevate your technique by incorporating coloring tools, such as a blue-colored pencil and watercolor paint, into your cute girl illustrations.

To achieve this, employ various shading techniques to produce a spectrum of blue colors, highlighting beautiful eyes, brows, nose, lips, and even hair.

26. Irritated Girl

Via: Artist Unknown

When creating a comic book or anime, mastering the portrayal of emotions through facial expressions is crucial, as demonstrated in this irritated face.

To draw this expression, narrow the gap between the eyes and the front part of the eyebrow. Additionally, scrunch the nose for a more impactful depiction.

27. Mournful Girl with Long Side-Parted Hair

Sad Girl with Long Side-parted Hair

Via: Maria Miray

This illustration offers ease of recreation since you only need to draw one part of the face, with the hair strands covering the other.

The challenge lies in effectively conveying the sadness or fatigue on her face. Achieving this depends on your shading technique. To enhance the portrayal of sorrow, apply heavier shading around the eyes.

28. Stylish Anime Girl with Glasses

Chic Anime Girl with Glasses

Via: Mr. Unknown

While recreating girls’ faces might seem routine, elevating your anime girl drawing can be achieved by incorporating glasses into your project.

To accentuate the glasses, begin by outlining them with a pencil and add a yellowish tone for shading. Highlight the eyes and the winged eyeliner, distinguishing your drawing from others.

29. Girl Adorned with Hearts

Girl with Hearts

Via: Artist Unknown

Aside from the addition of eyeglasses, you can also use heart signs to convey love and contemporary winged eyeliner and nose piercings to create a Gen Z vibe for your girl anime girl drawing.

You can add love hearts on each cheek to do this. You can also do these hearts using different colors to deviate from the monotone of your pencil sketch.

In addition to glasses, express love and a contemporary Gen Z vibe in your anime girl drawing by incorporating heart symbols, winged eyeliner, and nose piercings.

Place love hearts on each cheek and experiment with different colors to break away from the monotony of a pencil sketch.

30. Side View of Anime/Comic Girl with Stars

Anime/Comic Girl Side View with Stars

Via: Nazgol

Move beyond ordinary girl drawings by infusing celestial elements (refer to space drawing ideas) and a nose plaster into your artwork.

This entire drawing exudes a distinct Gen Z vibe, especially when complemented by curtain bangs and short hair. Apply this style to drawings of celebrities like Ariana Grande for fan art that stands out.

Mastering the proper placement of added elements and employing suitable shading can enhance your drawing and potentially elevate your popularity on Instagram.

31. Anime Girl Inspired by a Goddess

Via: Juliette Villegas

As an artist, inspiration can be drawn from various sources, whether random or connected to your passion, such as mythology.

For those intrigued by mythology, drawing inspiration from Hathor, the Egyptian goddess associated with the sky, fertility, and love, can be a captivating endeavor. Consider crafting your drawing akin to the provided illustration, and to enhance your artistic process, explore the possibilities with the best affordable drawing tablets or the best iPad for drawing.


32. Bloom from the Earth

Via: Alevtina

When seeking to portray both growth and womanhood, the rose-from-the-ground concept serves as a compelling choice.

Surprisingly easy to recreate, this drawing concept aligns with other ideas that complement its theme. In executing this girl drawing, depict a girl embracing the rose, ensuring that the roots firmly anchor to the ground.

33. Rose-Headed Girl

Rose Head Girl

Via: BH

Continuing with the rose motif, consider transforming the subject’s head into a rose, with her body representing the stem adorned with thorns.

This drawing extends beyond being aesthetically pleasing, offering social commentary:

  • Thorns symbolize a woman’s need to shield herself from society’s scrutinizing gazes.
  • The oversized flower reflects how a woman’s facial beauty has become a criterion for respect.

34. Contemplative Girl

Thinking Girl

Via: Artist Unknown

Drawing involves contemplation, and embedding this theme into your artwork is achievable by recreating the provided illustration.

The key to this anime girl drawing lies in ensuring that every detail exudes tranquility:

  • Eyes closed in a calm manner.
  • Relaxed jawline.
  • Unstrained nose.
  • Perfectly positioned hair without any signs of movement.

35. Girl in Portrait Pose

Portrait Pose Girl

Via: Olivia Shadders

A prevalent pose in typical anime girl drawings features a woman resting her chin on her hand. While this pose is excellent for practice, it can also be applied to more realistic drawings.

Pay attention to emphasizing certain parts with shading, and learn the technique of drawing a hand beneath the chin, as it significantly influences the overall appearance.

36. Sensing the Flow of Hair

Feeling the Hair

Via: Jordan Grace

Capturing the movement of human subjects can be challenging, but you can hone this skill by starting with close-up drawings reminiscent of the provided illustration.

To convey movement, ensure that the subject’s head is tilted, allowing hair strands to cascade in waves.

37. Reflections of a Girl

Via: Jo Levers

Elevate your drawing proficiency by crafting an image of a woman and her reflection in the mirror.

Various interpretations can be drawn by both you and the audience, but the key is to meticulously observe lines, angles, and shapes to evoke emotions.

38. Breaking Free

Breaking Free

Via: Artist Unknown

Human beings, particularly women, often feel pulled in various directions by society and even themselves.

As an artist, you can portray this observation in your art by drawing two subjects in different orientations. Utilize the side profile for the first subject and depict the second subject facing forward.

39. Smirking Expression

Smirking Girl

Via: Alicem Kuro

Drawing a girl’s side profile offers diverse approaches, and one engaging concept involves creating a smirk for her smile.

Eyes play a crucial role in this depiction, requiring a fiery gaze. Achieve this intense stare by shading the entire outer eye with medium to dark pencil tones—a technique that enhances the artistic impact.

40. Restless Spirit

Restless Girl

Via: MadliArt

While similar drawings exist, what sets this one apart is the presence of heavily shaded under-eyelids.

This shading in art distinctly communicates the fatigue and restlessness of the depicted characters.

41. Confident Girl Boss with Wavy Hair

Girl Boss with Wavy Hair

Via: Euphoria

Wavy hair adds flair to a girl boss drawing! To bring this simple illustration to life, go beyond standard waves. Achieving the identity of a girl boss with wavy hair requires employing varied strokes to create bold, voluminous waves rather than small ones.

42. Envisioning the Future

Girl Looking at the Future

Via: Karl Louise

As an artist, a bright future awaits when you create art featuring a girl looking forward to what lies ahead.

Crafting this illustration is straightforward—follow the fundamental essence of drawing guidelines: shading is key to making your artwork stand out and come to life!

43. Anime Girl with a Bun

Anime Girl with a Bun

Via: Karl Louise

Elevate your anime girl drawing by depicting a girl in casual attire with her hair styled in a cute bun.

Similar to other illustrations in this article, this one is quick and simple. Play with lines and shades to do justice to the charming girl-with-a-bun concept.

44. Girl Adorned with Leaves

Girl with Leaves

Via: Ken Rohrer

Last but not least is this drawing of a girl with leaves painted on her face, specifically on both sides of her cheeks.

This art task is simple; follow the guidelines mentioned in this article for other girl drawings, and draw crawling leaves on her face to fully embody the concept. Additionally, seek inspiration related to this drawing concept from tattoo drawing ideas.

Hair Drawing Tips:

When practicing drawing the hair of your female subject during your pencil sketch, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Draw the hair in groups, using lines and shapes to indicate direction and volume rather than individual strands.
  2. Begin your sketch by determining where the character’s hair should part.
  3. Ensure you close the gap between the head and the hairline to avoid a common mistake that diminishes the character drawing’s quality.

Eyes Drawing Tips:

Drawing a character’s eyes is an effective way to convey emotions. Follow these simple yet crucial tips:

  1. Utilize primary guidelines before sketching the character’s eye lines and shapes.
  2. Maintain proper spacing between the features, with a distance of at least three eyes apart.
  3. Pay attention to the shape of the iris and pupil, as it can significantly impact the overall look, especially in anime-style drawings.

Lips Drawing Tips:

Lips play a vital role in expressing emotions in a drawing. Here are tips for drawing them effectively:

  1. Begin with a sketch of the middle and outer parts of the lips to establish proportions.
  2. Define the shape of the lips carefully.
  3. Shade the lips to highlight points and angles, emphasizing their role in conveying emotions.
Drawing Ideas For Girls FAQs

Drawing Ideas for Girls FAQs:

We’ve addressed some frequently asked questions about simple drawings for girls:

Q: What Are the Four Types of Drawing? A: The four types of drawing include symbolic drawing, cartoon drawing, realistic drawing, and expressive drawing. Additionally, more specific types like anime/stylized drawings are worth exploring.

Q: What Can My Daughter Draw? A: Your daughter can draw anything she likes from the provided list of easy and straightforward drawing ideas. Starting with subjects like the anime girl with a cat on the hat or cute anime girl drawings can spark her interest.

Drawing Ideas for Girls Conclusion


Now equipped with tips for hair, eyes, and lips drawing, you can unlock your full drawing potential to create beautiful girl character illustrations. Elevate your skills, refine your style, and expand your reach on platforms like Instagram. Don’t wait – start practicing and unleash the artist within you!