In this blog, we will give you examples of how to draw a poppy flower drawings with ease.

Drawing great flowers need not be too difficult. Let’s begin!


If you want to succeed when you complete the tutorials, you’ll require a few things.

It is possible to draw simple drawings of flowers. You can also go further and paint the flowers using watercolor paints.

  • Sketchbook: One of our most loved brands are Canson along with Arteza.
  • Pencils Arteza offers a wide selection of pencils at a reasonable cost. Artzmore is also great.
  • Eraser: For an aspiring artist, it’s essential to have a quality eraser that can remove all your mistakes. Acurit is a 4 in 1 eraser, which eliminates colored pencils and charcoal as well as being smooth. It is a must-have!


The flower we’re planning to learn are the poppy.

In nature , they look stunning with their bright red hues.

How To Draw A Poppy Flower?

How To Draw A Poppy Flower?

First step:Create an outline sketch of the flower. The center of the flower using the shape of an oval.

Second step: The middle of the oval is where you, outline the first flower. Then draw three lines towards peace sign direction, and slightly away from the rough outline that was drawn initially.

Step 3.Finalise it by putting the required details. include various folds and forms which make the flowers appear like poppies. This gives them the perfect character for the flowers.

This tutorial demonstrates how to draw flowers by drawing it from the sides. It’s similar to drawing it from front but in a different way this time. This guide makes drawing the flower simple.

Don’t forget at end to include the distinctive folds of petals, as this is what differentiates between a well-drawn poppy or a plain flower.

How To Draw A Poppy Flower

It’s a completely different poppy variety which reminds me of peony flowers. I waited until the end because it’s clearly more intricate and exciting.

How To Paint A Poppy Flower

How To Paint A Poppy Flower?

This is how it’ll appear if you decide to include watercolor in the final work. Epic? It’s true! It makes drawing flowers simple and enjoyable!