√ 10 Most memorable Studio Ghibli Characters of All Time!

What are some of the best remembered Studio Ghibli Characters from all time? What is it that made them distinctive and memorable?

It is no secret that the name Studio Ghibli is well-known and well-known to people who love the show for its excellent plot and wide range of characters.

While certain characters may have opened our eyes to a new world, certain characters remain forever remembered and timeless.

There’s no Studio Ghibli persona that you will not like. Some characters will never go away from our memories.

Which are your most famous Studio Ghibli Characters from all time? What was it that made them unique and memorable?

10 Jiji & Kiki


√  10 Most memorable Studio Ghibli Characters of All Time!

The two characters most well-known of Kiki’s delivery service include Jiji along with Kiki. Kiki is a girl who is preparing in order to be a witch. Jiji is her recurring character in the film. The two are close as well. Kiki went to great lengths to save Jiji when Jiji was almost kidnapped.

Jiji frequently joins wherever Kiki travels. One of the most memorable aspects about Jiji is that she is fast, friendly and always helping Kiki. They share a psychic bond and are a team. At some point, Kiki lost her powers and was unable to comprehend Jiji. Kiki is, contrary is a strong individual who is warm and loves to assist others. Kiki is kind and does to do her best in every aspect.

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9. Calcifer


10 Most memorable Studio Ghibli Characters of All Time!


It’s difficult to not think of Studio Ghibli’s greatest creation, The Howl’s Moving Castle. 
Calcifer is one of the main characters and was an integral part of Sophie’s adventure. 
Calcifer has signed a contract to Howl who is the wizard. The fire demon was extremely powerful and was also an explosive star. As he neared being gone, Howl caught him which helped save Calcifer. 
Calcifer is a memorable character due to his interactions with Sophie. He might appear like a cranky old man, but don’t mess with the fire demon in the house.

8. Catbus


√  10 Most memorable Studio Ghibli Characters of All Time!

Another great and unforgettable Studio Ghibli character from My Neighbour Totoro is the Catbus. Being able to watch Catbus in the very first place caused you to think, that there is an actual Catbus out there. 

Catbus and Totoro are friends and also met the kids’ Mei as well as Satsuki. Even though Catbus was silent however, the distinctive creature that resembled an animal-transporting bus made an unforgettable impression.

7. No Face

√  10 Most memorable Studio Ghibli Characters of All Time!


Spirited Away is a cult classic from the Studio Ghibli franchise. Koanoashi (also known as No Face is among the most memorable characters and distinct characters from Spirited Away. No Face took an interest in Chihiro and even accompanied Chihiro on her train ride. 

One of the reasons No Face is so memorable and important is due to the fact that the character is a symbol of isolation in addition to the wish to get seen. No Face was not a physical body, and was presented as semi-transparent. No Face was able to acquire physical characteristics and personality by inhaling other substances to express emotion.

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6. Lady Eboshi


√  10 Most memorable Studio Ghibli Characters of All Time!

It’s difficult not to remember the villain from Princess Mononoke. Lady Eboshi is an unforgettable character because she is a strong female character. 

Her description is that she is an unassuming character that can be arrogant, but really deserves respect for the way she empowers ladies in Irontown. Lady Eboshi is charming as well as calm and collected. She is able to influence women.

5. The Baron

√  10 Most memorable Studio Ghibli Characters of All Time!


One of the most beloved felines or Studio Ghibli characters is The Baron known as Baron Humbert of Gikkingen. The character that made a splash was in The Cat Returns where he was the main character the rescue of Haru from an Evil Cat King. The Baron is friends with Muta san , and they are part of The Cat Bureau. You cannot help but admire The Baron as he still is a fixture in our minds!

4. Muta San


√  10 Most memorable Studio Ghibli Characters of All Time!



Perhaps it’s an issue with cats however Studio Ghibli has a lot of feline characters. Muta San of The Cat Returns is a beloved character that is hard to forget. Muta is grumpy, and can be extremely insulting and rude. However, he is sincere and is a good friend to Haru. Muta San could be the hero of the film, while helping Baron along with Haru. Muta San’s enormous appetite and determination was astonishing.

3. Porco Rosso


√  10 Most memorable Studio Ghibli Characters of All Time!


The famous Marco Pagot or also known as Porco Rosso is impossible to miss in the list! The famed bounty hunter sports the look as Buta (Pig). The fashionablely elegant Mr Rosso is known for his attacks on vessels on the Adriatic Sea. He’s earned himself the title for himself of Porco Rosso from the people who surround him. His personality is free and he took part in the conflict! Being the sole survivor, the reason he cursed himself, which could be due to the guilt of having to live alone.

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2. Kamaji


The distinctive and iconic characters Kamaji of Spirited Away is hard to ignore. The moment that Chihiro left the physical world, there was a law that required her to perform work to ensure that she doesn’t transform into an animal. Kamaji is a person with six arms that work at the boiler house at the Bathhouse. At first, he was antagonistic towards Chihiro and refused to offer her any tasks. However, he didn’t hinder Chihiro from helping, however, and showed compassion when he spotted Chihiro asleep and placed her in the blanket on her. Kamaji even assisted Haku after he suffered an injury.

1. Totoro


√  10 Most memorable Studio Ghibli Characters of All Time!

The Mascot for Studio Ghibli is none other than Totoro. Totoro is a charming neighbor and we’ve have all wanted one. It’s no wonder that the popularity of Totoro will never diminish The character has become among the most memorable of the Studio Ghibli Universe. We simply love Totoro and we believe that no other character could be even close to and as beloved as Totoro!

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