Buatlah Kalimat Wish, Hope, Dan Congratulation

Buatlah kalimat wish, hope, & congratulation

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1. I wish you have a great day.

2. I wish we can meet tomorrow.

3. I wish you can stay a bit longer.

4. I wish we have a good time.

5. I wish she has a great day.

6. I wish he has a great day.

7. I wish we can meet next week.

8. I wish we can meet again.

9. I wish you have a good luck.

10. I wish she feel better.

1. I hope tomorrow we can meet.

2. I hope you win.

3. I hope you can be one of the top versi.

4. I hope we can do this together.

5. I hope we can win.

6. I hope she can win.

7. I hope he is the winner.

8. I hope she is here.

9. I hope they win.

10. I hope you are the winner.

1. Congratulation on your wedding day!

2. Congratulation on your 15th birth day!

3. Confgratulation, you’ve win the 1st winner of “Bakiak Race”.

4. Congratulation on your graduation day!

5. Congratulation, you are the winner from the “Capture The Flag” Game!

6. Congratulation, you are the winner from the sport game!

7. Congratulation, you’ve win the race!

8. Congratulation on your special day!

9. Congratulation you are the winner of the “Swimming” Competition!

10. Congratulation, you are the winner from the “Soccer ball” competition!

Maaf klu salah...

Tuliskan 10 kalimat congratulation?

good job
jo kakehen.

buatlah kalimat congratulation 10 kalimat​


banyak bener :v gue sumbang 5 aja, maaf ya


congratulation your achievment

congratulation your pregnancy

your are very lucky, congrats for your winning

congratulation, you get a super prize

congratulation your new job

buatlah 10 kalimat dgn expression congratulation and compliments​



-she’s very beautiful

-your drawings is adorable

-you are good on that dress

-your mom is very kind

-his driving skill is remakable

-your hair style looks so pretty!

-you and your sister are cute on that pajamas!

-what a handsome boy!

-what a cool jacket!

-you are very kind!


-congrats for your success!

-congratulations for your promotion as general manager

-i would like to congrats you for your job promotion

-you have successfully lead futsal team,great job!

-congrats to all of you have passed the simpulan exam

-congrats,you get the first rank on your class!

-congratulations for the winning the football competition

-congratulations,you got the best score !

-great job,your team found a new formula as Corona virus vaccine!

-great job,you get A on your achievement test!

Semoga menolong!

semangat berguru!

Buatlah kalimat wish, hope, & congratulation

Masing masing 10



1.i wish you Will forgive him

2.i wish they win the competition

3.i wish I get a new job

4.i wish she will alright

5.i wish your grandfather get well soon

6.i wish rani can talk to him again

7.i wish I can meet my mom again

8.i wish we can do this

9.i wish you will get a new bestfriend

1.i wish you always happy


1.i hope I can see the world again

2.i hope I will be fine

3.i hope I get the best score

4.i hope my sister likes the gift

5.i hope you succes soon

6.i hope she always smile

7.i hope I can go to school again

8.i hope I can get that glasses

9.i hope I can buy that expensive bag

1.i hope I can do this task


1.congrats!,you get a interview call

2.congratulations!,you get a gymnes recor!

3.congrats,your sister has been the prettiest girl in the world!

4.congratulations!,you get a new job!

5.congrats!,your mom is a winner of cook competition !

6.congratulations,your father got the jackpot

7.congrats!,you get can see the world again!

8.congratulations,you get a new rank!

9.congrats!,you can work at the best company!

1.congratulation!,you get the best score !

kalimat diatas yakni teladan kalimat yang menggunakan wish,hope dan congratulations

arti dari wish=ingin

arti dari hope=harap

arti dari congratulation=selamat

sorry if I make a mistake

hope you helped !

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