What Do You Think Of The Story

what do you think of the story apa yg ananda pikirkan dr dongeng itu?? maaf ya kl salah what do you think of the story “Apa pendapatmu ihwal dongeng tersebut?” Jelaskan apa arti dr what do you think of the story Jawaban: artinya: apa yg ananda pikirkan ihwal dongeng itu arti dr what do you … Baca Selengkapnya..

Write Some Motivation Quotes With Your Own Words​

[/tex] compare this quotes (look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better) ..with the quote(10 great quotes on nature) ​ Jawaban: bandingkan kutipan ini (lihat jauh ke alam & kemudian Anda akan memahami segalanya dgn lebih baik) ..dengan kutipan (10 kutipan manis ihwal alam) Penjelasan: maaf Kalo Salah:'( Different between captions with … Baca Selengkapnya..

Apa Jawaban Yg Tepat Dari Kata2 Ini ???

Apa balasan yg sempurna dr kata2 ini ??? ” Promise me, you’ll always remember that you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. ” bila ananda oke maka jwb : “I promise, I always remember……” jika ananda tak setuju jwb : “Im sorry, I can’t promise because……..alasanmu sendiri” always … Baca Selengkapnya..