Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop) IPhone Wallpaper

Ever wished you could blast across the cosmos with Spike Spiegel, the coolest bounty hunter on the spacefaring side of the Bebop? Well, while we can’t quite offer you a ride on the Swordfish II just yet, you can bring a touch of that intergalactic swagger to your iPhone with a Spike Spiegel wallpaper!

Bold and Badass Spikes

I made a Cowboy Bebop iPhone X wallpaper! Wanted to share

For the fans who love Spike’s signature style, a wallpaper showcasing him in all his glory is a must. Imagine a close-up of Spike, cigarette dangling nonchalantly from his lips, his piercing blue eyes gazing out at the world (or rather, your notifications). A splash of color with his bright yellow jumpsuit against a backdrop of the Bebop or a gritty space scene would make your phone pop with anime attitude.

For a more minimalist look, a classic black and white illustration of Spike, perhaps mid-cigarette flick, with the Bebop logo subtly incorporated would ooze sophistication. This option lets you subtly rep your love for the anime while maintaining a sleek and stylish phone aesthetic.

Bebop Backdrops

Feeling more like a crew member than a one-man wolf? There are tons of wallpapers out there that capture the whole Bebop vibe. Imagine the Bebop itself soaring through a starry expanse, ready to take on whatever bounty-hunting adventure awaits. The ship’s interior, a cozy den of misfits, could provide a more character-driven backdrop.

For a truly unique touch, consider a collage-style wallpaper featuring Spike alongside his fellow Bebop crewmates: the stoic Jet Black, the eccentric Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, the playful Faye Valentine, and the adorable (and surprisingly feisty) Ein. This option lets you showcase your love for the entire ragtag team!

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