Do these all at home. Hand-write the answers on striped foolscap paper. Do not forget your full name, class, and student number (NPM). Give it to the test observeron the mid-semester test day.

1.  What does it mean by management? Please also explain what it means by manager and ten roles of a manager!

2.      What qualifications must a manager have?

3.  Functions of management must be done simultaneously. Why do you think these functions must be done simultaneously?
4. What does rencana function mean? What does this function cover?
5. Why does a company need to arrange a plan? Kindly explain how to arrange a good plan that works well!
6. Please explain the characteristics of a good plan!
7.What does it mean by organizing function? Please also explain what organization means!
8. Formally speaking there are two forms of organization: formal organization and informal organization. What are their differences?
9. There are 5 kinds of organization: line organization, line and staff organization, functional organization, matrix organization, and project organization. Please explain one by one!
10 .What does authority mean, and what does responsibility mean? Please explain!
11. Why is authority important for everyone?
12. What does actuating mean? What activities are there in actuating?
13. One of the activities in directing is giving orders. What are the purposes of giving orders?
14. Please explain what controlling means! Please also explain controlling principles!
15. Please mention and explain four steps to conduct controlling!
16. Please mention the characteristics of effective controlling!
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