Apa Bahasa Inggris ATM?

Apa bahasa Inggris ATM?

singkatan mungkin maksudnya y kak?

ATM: Automated Teller Machine
bahasa Indonesianya: Anjungan Tunai Mandiri

larangan di atm bahasa inggris

larangan di ATM:ban on atm

ATM kepanjangan dlm bhs inggris

singkatannya ada 2 :
ATM : Automated Teller Machine
ATM : According To Me

Apa kepanjangan dr ATM?

(Bahasa inggris)

automated teller machine

cara menggunakan atm dng bahasa inggris

1. Insert your ATM Card into the machine.
2. Wait until the screen asking for “input the secret pin”
3. Enter your PIN (Personal Identification Number), then press Enter
4. Select a transaction.
5. Follow the next directive on the screen
6. Choose whether to do an additional transaction. Select Yes or No.
7. Choose whether you want a receipt, select Yes or No. Take the receipt if you requested it.
8. Wait while the system processes your transaction
9. When the transaction is complete, answer the questions that your transaction is completed according to the menu on the screen.
10. Wait until it comes out and grab a paper proof of transaction
11. After that the card will come out by itself.

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