23+ Inspirational Smile Quotes

“Silence and smiling are powerful tools. Smile can help you solve many issues while silence can be the method to avoid most problems.” Iris Johansen

“I was smiling yesterday. I’m smiling today, and I’m sure I’ll smile again tomorrow. Because life is too small to grieve for any reason.” -Santosh Kalwar Santosh Kalwar

“You smiled and spoke to me about nothing, and I was sure that for this , I’d been waiting for so long.” — Rabindranath Tagore

“Some times, the most powerful among us are those who are able to smile even through hurt or scream in front of locked doors and face the battle that no one else knows about.” Unknown

“Let my soul smile through my soul and let my heart shine into my eyes so that I may spread smiles in hearts that are sad. “-Paramahansa Yogananda

“The best smile will be one who fights to the end of its tears.” Unknown

“Face every challenge with a smile, and a positive attitude. It might not fix the problem however it will change how you get throughout it.” The Dr. Bilal Philips

“Never think about it if other people are snide about you and make up rumors about your character. Smile at them straight in the face and that alone says thousands of words.” Unknown

“When life offers you hundreds of reasons to cry. Show the world that you have thousand motives to laugh.” Unknown

“Everyday I laugh and behave as if nothing is goes wrong. It’s called taking everything in stride and being solid.” Unknown

“Anyone is able to make your smile, and many are able to make people cry however it’s only someone truly special for you to smile and put tears in your eyes.” Unknown

“Smiling is the best way to tackle any problem, to defy every fear, and hide any pain.” Unknown

“A smile is an curvature that makes all things straight..” Unknown

“Never undervalue how important it is to have someone you love who can always bring you a smile.” Unknown

“A smile will be your glow in the windows of your soul.” Unknown

“Count your smiles, not your tears, and consider your courage instead of your anxieties.” Unknown

“A smile may not always necessarily mean happy, just like tears are not always sadness.” Unknown

“Go forward with an eye twinkle and smiling face but also with a strong and unwavering purpose within the heart of your soul.” Gordon B. Hinckley. Gordon B. Hinckley

“Everyday I am smiling and act as if nothing is wrong. It’s a matter of taking everything in stride and being resilient.” Unknown

“I’m a normal person who hides a myriad of emotions behind my happiest smile.”- Unknown

“Just that someone smiles constantly doesn’t mean that their lives are ideal. The smile is a symbol of strength and hope.” Unknown

“The smile that I have on my face doesn’t necessarily mean that my life is flawless. It’s an indication that I appreciate my life and the blessings God has given me.” Unknown

“A smile may not always translate to happiness the same as tears may not always signify sadness.” Unknown

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